Monday, 15 August 2011

Indian astronaut accepts Islam

thumb sunita williams photo NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams Converted to Islam
Many religions are afraid of Islam as it is the the fastest growing religion in the world,why not it be as it is a true religion Sunita Williams Indian lady that went to moon on 09/07/2011,accepted Islam  immediately after her return yesterday she accepted Islam and converted to It.
She said that from the moon the whole earth looked very black and dark except the 2 places which were bright and shining, when I looked through the Telescope, she added.
Amazingly those two spots were MAKKAH and MADINA, in the Arabian peninsula. She also added that at the moon all the Frequencies failed but I still could hear the sound of ADHAAN.
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It's incredible that because she saw these 2 spots so she converted to Islam !!

Salaam Alykum,

After forwarding this email to several people, I received an
Updated information
revealing that this story was a Hoax, so I wanted post the correction/ update on this blog that I originally found this story from.

Please see this link for the updated information:

last people on moon was 1969
dont remember any trips there since then !!!

This is big hoax all lie

because it's lit up with many light bulbs

Hey even airports and other places in the world are also highly lighten up by bulbs but they dont show to be bright enough to be seen from moon. These two are Holy places and its only Allah's miracle that these two places are shinning like star.

This appears to be a hoax to discredit Islam. Islam does not need to get these type of publicity because it already shines bright in all the believers hearts.

d pictures dat u r showin here are not d ones taken by sunita .. dese r last recorded images as on december 1999. more over sunita never went to moon.. she went to the international space station .. NOT TO D MOON!However, when setting off toward the International Space Station, Williams had taken with her a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and a small statue of Lord Ganesha

The story is a hoax. pls confirm from google. Google her name you will find the true information. Islam is a great and only true religion without these kind ofnhoax, accept Islam and be saved not for the lies on Internet on Williams or michael Jackson accepting Islam. For for the greatest miraclemof the most informative book the Quran revealed through the unlettered Prophet SAW.

Allah ka mahboob dunia pr aa chuka he
it is non other than mohammad which all regious books points!
Islam is a true religion

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