Saturday, 9 July 2011

The biggest bank fraud ever in lahore

The world is full of surprises isn't it?and the world is full of heartless people mught have heard of many bank frauds but this one is one of its kind.
A new branch of barclays bank was open few months back on peko road Lahore,i hope many of you have heard about this road.A luxery bank building was constructed with some suited booted staff in it. As a new multinational bank was open in that area many people got there account opened.Hundreds and millions of amount was transfered to the bank.After few days when the account holders went to get there cash,there was nothing there except a building with a barclays bank board hanging infront of it.
Actually there was no real branch opened in that area.It was a fraud.The owner ran away when a suitable amount of money was transfered to the bank.The people lost there money which they earned working all there life time and at the end they were left with nothing,If you want to see that bank .visit peko road its board is still hanging there,spread this message to as many people as you can,so that people should get aware of such fraud banks.your message might help someone save his life time of money.If you like our post please leave us a comment and subscribe to our us reveal to you every hidden truth and story that dont make headlines...
(This news is just my observation as it came to me through some friends)  


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