Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gay party in pakistan

Isn't it sad that these parties have started in pakistan and making news headlines all over that world,but our corrupt government is taking no actions against these people.These parties are taking place in american embassy in pakistan.
American embassy arranged a party in pakistan for all the gays in pakistan to give them there right.what the f*** rights.
They dont deserve any right as they are not a part of our community.
"komay lout per Allah ka azab aya tha keonkay woo ham jins parast thay"
If our government remained silent here believe me the time is very near when we will be in a big big trouble,a trouble far bigger than we are in right now!.So we have to raise our voice,this is the least we could do.As it is said " agar tum burai ko daikho tou usay hath sae roko agar iss ke himat nae tou zuban sae roko aur agar yah b nae ker saktay tou dil main bura socho aur yah emaan ka sub sae kaam darja hai" so guys the least we can do to spread the messge.share it with your friends...
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Well America are diverting people mind from one thing to another so they can easily get over to government , the people of Pakistani government are corrupted and they would never take any action cuz there income has doubled. Even the old who are involved within this procedure with American in Pakistan are lowlife they wouldnt mind borrowing their own wifes or sisters to American cuz all matters to them is Money , Proffession but they dont know that there is a big King above all of us

lol anlol anonymous :p

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