50,000 Bombs in Lahore

Are you shocked to hear what I just said? You should be,and dont get relax after hearing about bombs like you always do,because these bombs can be in your car.shocked?.

The Warid Bug

It has recently been in news that warid cellular network has been attacked by a bug,The customers using warid services,recieve anonymous message telling them to reply to that message on "667".

Nestle Baby Food Is Harmful

Please Do not ignore my mesage and spread this message to as many people as possible, these companies will never advertise this as they can face great .

Gay Party In Pakistan

sn't it sad that these parties have started in pakistan and making news headlines all over that world,but our corrupt government is taking no actions against these people.These parties are taking place in american embassy in pakistan .

This Biggest Bank Fraud Ever In Lahore

The world is full of surprises isn't it?and the world is full of heartless people aswell.you mught have heard of many bank frauds but this one is one of its kind. A new branch of barclays bank was open few months back on peko road Lahore,i hope many of you h.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Muhammad Amir Confesses About Match Fixing

Muhammad Amir confesses just because he wasnts courts to reduce his punishment.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I was Wrong but?

Last night i was sitting with my family,watching news on a private news channel and came across a news of a vice principal"Brig (R) Sanaullah" shot dead by a student in Rawalpindi.I know it was a sad news,and the action did by the student was a brutal one but, nobody knows the real story behind.
Few years back i was a student of a private university.I was a hard working student but the problem with me was that i was a back bench-er.I never failed in any of my exams.One day few of my friends were laughing in the class,the teacher pointed at me and said stop laughing.I said: sir its not me,he continued with the lecture.Then again my friends laughed and the teacher thought it was me.He called me in his office and told me to accept that i was laughing or tell me the names of the others that were laughing, i rejected.
Can you guys believe what was the punishment given to me by my teacher?
He failed me for 2 consecutive years for just being part of boys that were laughing in the class.
I was left behind my Bach mates just because i didn't admited that i did it.
At that time i was in such a shock that i could have done something wrong with me or with that ugly shit teacher of mine.
I just told you this story to explain what would might have happened or what might have forced that student to kill his professor who failed him for 4 consecutive years.He was a third year medical student named Khurram Shahzad
What he did was not human,but what i was trying to explain here was that teachers of our universities realy don't care about the future of the students,what they care about is there respect.
They Really don't care how rich or poor are you,you have to sport your family or not.You just need to do what they say to get higher marks.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Population of lahore

Lahore is the capital of Punjab and the 2nd largest city of Pakistan . Pakistan is one of those countries that never gave attention on its growing population,and that is why population of Lahore is increasing day by day.
Population of Lahore according to the survey of 1998 is 63,18745.A survey conducted after five years in 2003 showed that population of Lahore was about 8.5 million,and this 8.5 million reched to about 11 million in the year  2011.It is believed that if the population of Lahore increased in the same manner then in 2025 population of Lahore will be double to what it is today

Friday, 26 August 2011

Made in Pakistan

Why is that,when ever we go to market to buy things we prefer things which are not made in Pakistan. Our first priority is to buy an electrical appliance made in japan,Cloths made in USA.Glasses made in Italy etc..
Although we know that few products of china are not up-to the standard,still we prefer buying them on Pakistani products why?
why are we ashamed of our own country brands?
You wear jeans, and prefer buying jeans of Levis.Because you know that its a branded jeans and it has a better quality than other brands,you pay 200% more on a Levis jeans than a normal pent and come home with a smile on your face, i bought a Levis jeans.
But do you know that, Levis jeans are prepared in Pakistan? yes my brother Levis jeans are prepared in Pakistan.The difference is there tags are pasted latter on,You actually don't pay for the quality of the pent,you pay for the tag on the pent,you pay for the brand.
Pakistan has excelled in every field.
Talk about cotton industry,towels pent shirts everything is exported from Pakistan but don't get the tag of our country.
Most of these anti Virus you use to protect your PC are developed in Pakistan,and the funny fact is the creator of the first virus was also a Pakistani born in Lahore.
Israel made Corner shot Gun and Claimed it that no one can copy this gun in next 20 years,Pakistan weapon industry took 6 months and made the same gun with better precision.
You talk about anything we are masters of it. Travele the world you will realize that we Export the best products around the world but they don't get the tag of our country
We are better than many nations around the world,but what we need to realize that,We are our self made in Pakistan.
All these leather jackets and sports gears worn by Racers around the world are made in Pakistan
Pakistani football are used around the world,Even in Football World cup pakistani footballs are used
Still being an Islamic county i am ashamed to tell,but its a fact that dresses worn by porn stars, equipment used are also Exported from Pakistan.
We make Everything but still we don't get the credit,This is only because of our behavior .It is the time for us to realize.And we should be Proud of things that are made in Pakistan,and should prefer buying products made in Pakistan.Because we are actually made in Pakistan.We are Pakistan


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