Wednesday, 13 July 2011

India becomes largest importer of weapons

I am a pakistani and I am proud of it,i am a pakistani so I am brave,i am a pakistani so I can defeat you in every game,i am a pakistani so I am hospitable,i am a pakistani so I am friendly,never stare at my country flag.Stay away from my country or I will rip you apart,i will cut you into pieces and let you starve because I am pakistani.i was born a tiger,i was bread like a worrier,i was trained like fighter.
What ever I wrote are feelings of a pakistani when it comes to its land.
Pakistan has always stood front in having good relations with india,but they are always pulling our leg in international media,they say pakistan imports alot of arms every year,but the truth us india became the largest importer of arms this year,with 48 billion dollar import.pakistan is the sixth largest importer,then why is india barking all the time that pakistan is buying this or that bla bla bla..
Let me tell you Mr india,we dont require wepons when it comes to fighting with you.Our brave sons can tear you apart just by there bare mind your own business and let pakistan live.let us live our own life and we let you live yours,but if you took a step forward to fight we will cut your legs.stay away from us.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD
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